Chris Kohler
Features Editor, Kotaku. Japanese curry aficionado. Author of the books Power-Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life and Final Fantasy V from Boss Fight Books.
Jun 1

Im still playing and been trying to get this out there. I’ve put at least 50 hours or more into this Mega Man themed world. It’s the size of one of the Mega Man gameboy games. Enjoy!  Read more

Mar 20 2020

This article really scratched my itch for historical Larp-Failure, really well investigated and written.
I absolutely love the stories of larp-implosions. The history of larping is very sordid, and almost everyone has war stories at this point and larpers are nothing if not story tellers so everyone loves to tell them.
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Mar 20 2020

It’s amazing how many issues within Dziobak echo what I’ve seen at other LARPs, cons, and scene parties. Charismatic people with unrealistic ambition abusing the passions and naivete of marginalized nerds to create fantasy keeps happening and is so frustrating. Read more

Mar 20 2020

This is one of the most in-depth and interesting “deep dive” investigative articles I’ve seen around here in a long time (if only the dpt that used to do that hadn’t been disbanded). Read more

Mar 4 2020

Thank you for an astonishingly compelling and revealing story. I can’t imagine what you’re going through but I’ve very glad you found a way to process it and decided to share your experiences.

Mar 4 2020

Wow, what a story, thank you for sharing. I definitely have a few games etched into my memory because I played them right when I dealt with trauma. Really vivid memories of playing about half of Shadow of the Colossus in one sitting through tears because I got a call about my mom regressing into alcoholism again right Read more

Mar 4 2020

I really, really loved this game. I’m not aware of any huge family secrets, but this game still hit me right in the heart. It’s really beautiful, but also bittersweet. It’s hard to describe. 

Feb 7 2020

Looks like the perfect game for the bird lawyers in your life (assuming they can read).

Feb 7 2020

Yes! I’ve been loving this game on Switch. It’s a perfect follow-up to the Ace Attorney trilogy (while also forging its own identity).

Dec 30 2019

apparently they were not familiar with the nato-warsaw small armchairs pact.

Dec 30 2019

This has been my biggest issue with Octopath Traveler. Second attempt to play through. I just gathered all eight characters.

The combat system is great. I love it. I like choosing who to use and who to leave behind. It’s kind of a fun little mystery game trying to figure out enemy weaknesses so you can bust up their Read more

Dec 30 2019

Chris, this is exactly what I come to Kotaku for. This article explains perfectly what sudden impulse was awoken in me to play BoF the moment I saw it on Nintendo Online, even though I had many other much more recent games building up in my backlog. And playing through it was exactly as you say, an oddly comforting Read more

Dec 30 2019

I cant express adequately the frustration of a young boy, playing Dragon Warrior, stuck for eternity in the first room because he didn’t know he had to open a menu to use the stairs.

Nov 1 2019

I assume when you mention PS1 and 2 discs you mean, on unmodified machines. There have been plenty of bootleg PS1 and 2 discs for years, playable on modded PS1s and PS2s. But then, if you have those you can’t plead ignorance of you use a bootleg disc.