Australian Officials Investigating Sony As Man Loses $2000 To Fraudsters

The latest international government body to begin investigating Sony's PlayStation Network attack is Australia's Privacy Commissioner, on the same day an Adelaide man lost over $2000 in fraudulent credit card charges this week.

Rory Spreckley, from the South Australian capital, has lost over AUD$2000 this week after "carders" booked numerous domestic flights and hotel rooms to his card without his knowledge, authorisation or consent. He believes the timing of the payments makes the PSN hack responsible.


Australia's Privacy Commissioner is responsible for the protection of citizen's personal information, and is currently investigating the PSN downtime "to make sure Sony has done everything it can to keep its customers safe".

Security experts in Australia are calling for laws to be enacted aimed at forcing companies to disclose raids on customer's personal information a lot faster than Sony has this week.

"A disclosure law that would require a company to contact and inform customers within one day or two days of the event occurring so that those customers can take action to cancel credit cards or change passwords or other private information and also to be aware that their information has actually been stolen," says Mark Gregory of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.


Hackers run up debt for PlayStation user [ABC News]

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