Audiosurf Is Back, And It Looks Better Than Ever

The sequel to the game that brought you hundreds of "Through The Fire And Flames" playthrough videos is here—and it's coming to Steam. In fact, it's coming sooner than you'd think.

Back in 2008, Dylan Fitterer released Audiosurf, a game where you race through block-filled levels generated from your own music library. Since then, there have been ramblings of a follow-up called Audiosurf Air. Well, Audiosurf Air has been renamed to Audiosurf 2, and it's hitting Steam Early Access today, according to the developer's own Twitter.


Audiosurf 2 will include new game modes and Steam Workshop support which, in turn, will let people create and share even more game modes. The new ones included with the game are, according to the sparsely updated development blog, the wakeboard and sprint modes.

So, Audiosurf fans, and non-fans who are interested—look for the game on Steam today.

Audiosurf 2 [Steam]

Audiosurf 2 Early Access starts tomorrow on Steam! [Twitter]

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