Audiophonic Commando

To: Luke From: Owen Re: Nice Apocalyptic Flick I did all my posting today listening to the musical score for Bionic Commando: Rearmed. I ain't too proud to say, yes, I bought that — off iTunes — because it's a hell of a good soundtrack. If you took everything that was awesome about 1988, brought it 20 years forward to the future to 2008 and kept only the best parts of both, the CD would be Bionic Commando: Rearmed. So, no off-topic ramblings this week. Capcom, via Grin's excellence on this title exempts it, plus the Capcom Trader Joe's and the Ranty Rite Aid, plus anything in that shopping center — including the Circuit City where I bought my replacement Madden for the copy I borked. My attention is more focused on Redwood City, because thanks to some unclear instructions (I am totally dodging responsibility here) we had a hell of a clusterf**k with our Madden League, the KFC. But once that gets resolved, you can expect in future weekend notes I'll be posting about the doings of the league in this note. Here are some highlights from the weekend. New Dead Space Hands-On Impressions Left 4 Dead Box Art To Change? "Stay Tuned" Possible Explanations for This Dumbass Sears Ad Creating an Elitist Gaming Review Culture Cosplay Runs Rampant At Games Convention Sony: LittleBigPlanet *Not* Region-Locked Games Convention's Most Ignored Games


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