Attention PAX East Attendees, We're Hosting a Crazy Panel on Friday

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On Friday, April 6, you can take over Kotaku for one hour.... if you attend our PAX East panel!


Our panel will run from 2:30-3:30pm on-site at the Arachnid Theater, and it just might destroy our site's sterling reputation. Hooray!

We're calling it: "Take Over Kotaku (For One Hour)"

Have you dreamed of filing a story for Kotaku or banning an unruly commenter? Have you taken a great photo that has to appear on Kotaku someday? Would you like to interview actual game developers? You'll get a shot at all that and more (and do our jobs for us (thanks in advance)) at our experimental and possibly 100% foolhardy panel at PAX East.


Whether your name is Ben Paddon, Ben Kuchera or even Ben Franklin, all are welcome!

I'll share more details tomorrow.

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Sorry Kotaku, I'll be making sure I get to see Keith Apicary live.