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Following this morning's announcement of Sony's exclusive PAL Ghostbusters publishing deal, Atari clarifies their publishing plans for North America, including the release of the PSP version worldwide.


While Wii, DS, and Xbox 360 fans will be left out of the ghostbusting loop this June in PAL regions, North American fans can rest assured that they'll be busting with the best of them come June 16th. That's when the game launches across all platforms save the PlayStation Portable, which scores a worldwide release of its previously denied version of the game this fall, with Sony handling publishing duties in Europe and the UK.


"Ghostbusters: The Video Game is one of our most significant worldwide releases this summer. Through Atari's North America publishing business and alongside our partners at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, we have a strategically diversified approach to maximize a title of this magnitude on a global basis," said Jim Wilson, CEO, Atari, Inc.

They're maximizing the title by not releasing it on four popular formats in Europe? Makes perfect sense to me.

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