Illustration for article titled At Last — a 4-foot SNES Controller that Works!

You know, how many times have you been sitting there, thinking to yourself, "Self, not only do I wish I had a working SNES controller, but I wish it was four feet wide so that I had to hug it like a six-year-old on a swimming pool raft." Well, Gizmodo found this yesterday, an outfit called SCAD Inc., which has heard your cries and responded. Perhaps inspired by the coffee-table NES controller these guys have spent the past two months building a super-size Super Nintendo controller, with a comprehensive photographic record of their progress. As of last update, the project was in its final QA stages - detail painting, wiring, etc. Now I want to see a chaise longue made out of an Intellivision controller. Wicked Sweet Projects by SCAD Inc [SCAD, via Gizmodo]


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