Asuka Leads a Girls' Fight Out in This Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer

What do you get when you mix Chun-Li and Cammy of Street Fighter with Lili and Asuka of Tekken? I don't know, some sort of giant woman creature with eight arms and legs? Spider-Woman? Forget it; it was a stupid question. Just watch the video.


I'm not really sure what's up with all of the moisture being flung about in this series of Street Fighter X Tekken videos. Some art director somewhere decided this was a great idea, not realizing that one day they'd release an all-girl trailer and force journalists to try and write about it without making a comment about relative humidity. I consider this a success.

Street Fighter x Tekken Girls Trailer [Andriasang]

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Wow, what a total missed opportunity for Capcom to bring out their female duo that parallels Tekken's Asuka and Lili.

You've got the spunky Japanese karate gal and the vain, fancy blonde Western one. Of course ya gotta have Sakura and Karin! This was supposed to be a dream crossover (T^T)