Assassin's Creed Goes To Russia In Comic Book Mini-Series

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Last month UbiWorkshop teased a secret project featuring the talents of acclaimed comic book illustrators Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl. Today that project stands revealed as an Assassin's Creed comic book mini-series set in Russia, introduced via old-timey film reel.


As we expected, Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl are indeed lending their talents to an Assassin's Creed comic book project, part of UbiWorkshop's transmedia push.


"We always thought that the Assassin's Creed universe would be perfect for transmedia initiatives like this new comic series," said Mathieu Ferland, transmedia senior producer at Ubisoft Montreal. "We are excited to have the fantastic and acclaimed artists Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl working on the project. Ubisoft is looking forward to showing Assassin's Creed fans what these talented artists have been up to at next week's Comic-Con panel."

Little is currently known about the three issue mini-series other than the setting. Between the film reel-style trailer below and the press release mentioning the two artists' recent research trip to St. Petersburg, a Russian setting seems a good guess.

More information will be revealed at next weekend's 10th annual Comic-Com International in San Diego, where G4TV's Morgan Webb will be hosting an "Assassin's Creed: Behind and Beyond the Brotherhood" panel on Thursday, June 22, with Stewart and Kerschl in attendance.

So not much information so far, but I'm seriously digging that logo.

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The Animus and Templars have to be the most cleverly used plot devices I've ever seen.

The potential is literally limitless.

UbiSoft can churn out game after game it not worry for a second about reaching any plot holes.