Assassin's Creed Gets the Floating Hair it Always Needed

This YouTube video, comically titled "Misadventures of Eyes and Hair" shows us an Assassin's Creed: Revelations cutscene featuring translucent bodies with floating eyes and hair.


Be sure to have your sound on, because the dialogue makes it much more entertaining. "Look at me now!" he exclaims. I'd love to, sir, I really would if I could.



AC:R is easily the glitchest game I've played through in a long time. It is sad when you are doing a mission and rather being engrossed in the world and narrative you are thinking "Please, please, please nothing go wrong. PLEAASSSSEE."

I usually 100% these games, but I left a few memories at 50% sync because I lost the full sync due to a glitch. I don't have it in me to redo these missions and hope they work.