Aside from the Anti-Tank Dogs, the Xbox 360 Version of Wikipedia Sucks

What if Wikipedia cost $3 to read, wasn't updated, wasn't complete and was rated 3/3 on some scale that registers sexual content? Sold? What if it was on the Xbox 360?


Perhaps you should watch my video impressions of such a beast, called Wiki Read, before you answer these questions.

If you've lost your mind, you can buy the app from the Xbox Marketplace. But while you're in the Xbox Indie Channel, maybe you should check out our picks of Xbox Indies that are worth your dollar or three.


Would you rather see video impressions from Kotaku of Xbox 360 downloadables that we like? Try this one or this one.

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I still remember a Microsoft rep saying, "we don't need a web browser, we bring the best of the internet to XboxLive, that is why we now have Facebook and Twitter". but everyone knows Youtube is the best of the internet. Wiki is very close, especially when you're bored or need to actually do quick research. I thank Wikipedia for all my random knowledge.