'Ashley, Concussive Shot!' And Other Voice Commands In Mass Effect 3

By now you've surely heard that Mass Effect 3, an action role-playing game and the conclusion to developer BioWare's sci-fi trilogy, is out today for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


But you definitely haven't heard Kotaku intern Nick Vannucci shouting voice commands to interact with the game on our office Kinect. Mass Effect 3 supports a whole bunch of these voice commands, as Nick demonstrates in the above video, recorded with a copy of the game for Xbox 360 (the only platform that supports Kinect commands).

He says it's awesome, but I'll let you fine readers judge for yourselves.


Is it crazy that I'm considering to pick up a Kinect now? :D It would really make me feel more like a commander giving real voice commands, even though by-standing people would probably think I'm not right in the head.

Is the delay very noticeable?