Rockstar promised new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V today, and here they are. Meet Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, the game's three protagonists.

Michael (above) is a wealthy man battling his cheating wife and a midlife crisis, evidently finding his adventure by getting over his head in criminal capers. Sounds like his character will draw influences from Walter White and Breaking Bad.


A gangbanger trying to get out of a life of nonstop violence, caught up in what looks like the neverending Ballers-Grove Street Families rivalry.


A brutal drug dealer from the sticks who looks straight up crazy.

And if you're wondering about the music in these trailers, it's Queen's "Radio Gaga," "Hood Gone Love It" by Jay Rock, and Waylon Jennings' "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way".


What else are you guys seeing? Cameos? Celebrity actors? Obvious homages or meaningful music choices? We'll keep breaking this down as we spot things. The game releases on Sept. 17 on Xbox 360 and PS3.