Artistic Saturday Timewaster: Estamos Pensando

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Kotakuite Daniel Novais sent me an email this past week, asking me to take a look at his "little short artsy game" called Estamos Pensando (Portuguese for 'We Are Thinking'). Inspired in part by Jason Rohrer's Passage, Estamos Pensando is a sweet, sad, and polished little game. Daniel said that he's now trying to work on something a little happier, since one comment on Rohrer's Gravitation noted that these 'artsy' games are usually depressing. There are Portuguese and English versions of the game, and gameplay is quite simple. The game has apparently gotten some nice initial reviews since its submission to the Brazilian symposium SBGames 2008 festival, and it's worth a little bit of your time. Estamos Pensando [We Are Thinking] [wall jump explained]


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Hmm, what I took out of it was a bit different - the man is willing to go to any lengths to keep his love, even if it means reaching for the unattainable stars. He loved her forever, even in death.

I guess you could argue loyalty and ... well, stupidity.