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Game developer Arkedo brought us Nervous Brickdown and Big Bang Mini — two incredibly cute and challenging games for the DS. Now they're on Xbox Live Indie Games with a new series.

The Arkedo series kicks off with 01 JUMP!, which was developed in 35 days by two guys and is out now. Based on this trailer for it, the game seems to be two parts Indiana Jones to one part classic 2D gaming experience (that's crazy-hard jumps, mad pickups and plenty of opportunity for camp). The second game in the series, 02 SWAP!, is coming out sometime this month and three more games are planned for the near future.


As cute as the trailer is, what really made me smile is the press release:

Today, we are trying a little experiment, by introducing the Arkedo Series. The concept is very simple (hey, we're French): we want to make a new game each month.
This will allow us to experiment quite a lot and focus on bite-sized gaming, which is basically heaven to us.

The first game of the series is already there, called "Arkedo Series - 01 JUMP!". It is available on XBL Indie, and was done by 2 guys in 35 days. We start simple (hey, we're French) with a good old platformer. The good news is that is is already well ranked: #1 in France and #4 in the US, after 6 days on the platform.

Notice the casual French jokes? And the sarcastic comments in their trailer? Yeah, these guys are a fun and their games are, too. So give it a go, if you've got the time. Or just watch the trailer over and over again.

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