Are You Sure You Don't Want to Jailbreak Your iPhone?

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Reader Paul Brown sent along images of a new iMario theme he created for the iPhone 4. The catch? You'll need to jailbreak your phone to install it.


Makes me wish I had an iPhone 4... a jailbroken iPhone 4.

iMario [Mac Themes]


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I understand buying a phone puts people out of hundreds of dollars and anytime we buy tech, we want to hold on to it as long as possible until it's on to the next one. But.....honestly people, it's just jailbreaking. It does nothing harmful to your phone, and if it does, you just reboot it. Seriously, the paranoia has got to stop, because if you never did it, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

My Iphone 3G is still running strong after a year of buying it off someone from Craigslist, and sure I could definitely buy something else, but I like what I have, especially cause I use T-Mobile and had no choice but to unlock. It's done me proud even though Apple hasn't. Just take the risk people...less talking, more doing.