Are These Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Names or Complete Nonsense?

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a very good game. It's also a very silly game.

Following in the fine tradition of countless fantasy worlds before it, Amalur is stuffed to the brim with Weird Names and Proper Nouns You Can't Pronounce.


In order to highlight the ridiculousness at play here, we've drawn up a pop quiz. Each entry on the following list of names is either a person, place, or thing from Kingdoms of Amalur or it is entirely made up. Can you guess which is which? It might be harder than you think. (Answers are linked below.)

1. Haxhi
2. Spaladastria
3. Lord Akagrafik'll
4. Glendara
5. Klurikon
6. Figglehorn
7. Frat Lorenze
8. Meyetyre
9. Tala-Rane
10. Dokkalfar
11. K'lara Loschachtii
12. King Wencen
13. Flah'tah'rah
14. Arf Thundercrusher
15. Fomorous Hugues
16. O'gar the Bold
17. Tine Delfric
18. Flan Flannedy
19. Lord Khamazandu
20. The Gardens of Ysa

Here are the answers.


This is a good example of what turns off a lot of people from games like this. I'm not saying everyone needs to be named John or Sarah, and every place needs to be named Rivertown or Forrest Keep, but can we at least make some name that are easily distinguishable from each other and possibly even pronounceable?

Of course... on the flip side, some people love this stuff. *shrug* To each their own, it takes all sorts, etc...