Here Are Your Answers To Amalur Trivia

How was the Amalur quiz? Near-impossible? We thought so.


Here are the answers. Remember, the names marked "REAL" are actual names from the actual game.

1. Haxhi (REAL)
2. Spaladastria (FAKE)
3. Lord Akagrafik'll (FAKE)
4. Glendara (REAL)
5. Klurikon (REAL)
6. Figglehorn (FAKE)
7. Frat Lorenze (FAKE)
8. Meyetyre (REAL)
9. Tala-Rane (REAL)
10. Dokkalfar (REAL)
11. K'lara Loschachtii (FAKE)
12. King Wencen (REAL)
13. Flah'tah'rah (FAKE)
14. Arf Thundercrusher (FAKE)
15. Fomorous Hugues (REAL)
16. O'gar the Bold (FAKE)
17. Tine Delfric (REAL)
18. Flan Flannedy (FAKE)
19. Lord Khamazandu (REAL)
20. The Gardens of Ysa (REAL)


How'd you do? Report back to the main post to share your daring tale of victory.

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