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Are Strawberry Cake Potato Chips Japan's Strangest Snack? Nah.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Every month, Japan seems to get a new odd-flavored snack or candy. You might think that’s peculiar, but just know that many Japanese people do, too.

The country’s food and beverage makers face stiff competition, and these strange flavors are one way to stand out. Most Japanese potato chips, candies and soft drinks come in rather regular varieties, and these bizarre ones are usually available for a limited time only.

Otakuma reports that the latest entry in the odd snacks sweepstakes are these strawberry shortcake flavored potato chips.


[Image: ASCII]

If you are wondering what they’re like, Japanese site ASCII says the chips apparently do taste like strawberries—and more impressive, like shortcake.


Available for a limited time only, these chips are made with the Japanese breed of strawberry called “tochiotome,” a sweet and tasty fruit that’s popular all over the country.

Why strawberry cake potato chips? At Christmas, people in Japan eat cake—often strawberry cake. So why not have some strawberry cake chips with that?


[Image via Otakuma]

Or how about just chips?

Top image via Otakuma

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