Are Luke Skywalker And Jabba The Hutt Friends Or Something?

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Dad's in the House, Rest of the Family In-Bound Ah, cheers. Sounds like all is well at the Crecente house — DS cooking, included! Spent a good chunk of my morning shuffling from Mini-Bash's doctor to mine and then heading over to the pharmacy. There were tons of sick kids waiting — I dunno how the doctor's office staff keep from being ill all the time. This afternoon when he was feeling a little better he watch Return of the Jedi, because he wanted to see the "bears" as he calls them — aka the Ewoks. At the beginning, you know that scene with Jabba the Hut in which a holographic Luke Skywalker talks to him? So my kid is watching that, and he suddenly goes: "Are Luke and Jabba the Hutt friends or something?" "No. They're not friends." "Then why does Luke keeps calling him only Jabba and not Jabba the Hutt? He keeps talking to them like they're at the same level." Point. Maybe Hutt-san would be more polite — or even the more formal, Hutt-sama. I personally prefer Mr. The Hutt. But hey, that's me. What you missed last night Here's What The MGO Patch Patched Left 4 Dead Stats Show... Wii Sales Slowing, 7 Million Units Sold In Japan SEGA Wii Game Gets Perfect Famitsu Score Square Enix Expecting 360 To Improve In Japan Nintendo Feels All Grown Up, Changes Logo A Link In Google's Street View Amazon's Partial BLACK FRIDAY Gamer Dealgasm


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what i always wanted to ask Ashcraft: do you speak english or japanese with your son?