There's been much talk lately about the Predator Drone and how using it to take out enemies from a distance is like playing a video game.

This sudden increase in Drone buzz may have something to do with the Paris Air show where a number of UAV are on display by a bunch of different companies, one of which, which claims that their's is designed to be easier to use than a computer game.

CNN's Bryony Jones decided to take them up on that challenge, and talked the company into letting her pilot one of their unmanned vehicles. Fortunately (unfortunately?) it wasn't a Predator or one of those other huge, town-leveling aircraft. Instead they put her behind the tablet of the Datron Scout, a camera-equipped micro-UAV that is used for reconnaissance and looks an awful lot like the commercially available Parrot Drone.

How'd she do? Check out the video.


Flying lessons: Learning how to pilot a drone [CNN]