AR Games in Real Life: The Winners

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Last week's 'Shop Contest asked readers to imagine the 3DS' AR Games as a kind of special lens through which we see the world as it really is, not as our feeble minds perceive it. What they showed us was quite disturbing, indeed.


First off, plenty of folks tried a Star Wars angle. Both ARYXANDRE (1) and InAmberClad (10) turned in awesome 'Shops, even if they took the same inspiration. BigMike McCarthy (2) went with another Lucasfilm production. He says that's his own Mii.

CaptainRyan47 (5) supplied the only spy-check 'Shop, which I found remarkable. There were more entries about Kotaku's redesign, the best coming from Disa (7).


I'm not sure what Laodicea-Dude (12) was going for, but an Excitebike jump off Conan O'Brien's hair got a chortle from me.

xerokitsune (20) gets a first look at the Wii 2; Incursor (11) and Link embody the feelings of many toward Wall Street. obeyyyurmaster (14) has a new take on an old meme. snake56 (19) was the best of the old Alien-in-the-chest gags.

This week's overall winner is Prof. Gast, a repeat finalist here. I'm a sucker for They Live references, and this one was just perfect in tone and execution. Congrats to Gast, and to all our finalists, and thanks to all who entered. We'll see you in here tomorrow.

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#17 wins for me, because... Boobs...