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Surprising more or less exactly nobody, In a Permanent Save State, a serious game based around the suicides of Foxconn employees in 2010, was pulled from Apple's App Store shortly after its listing.


The game became available on iTunes on Friday morning and, according to The Verge, got yanked within an hour. Even artist and designer Benjamin Poynter had suspected his game would not last long on Apple's platform, the Verge reports.


Poynter cited Molleindustria's Phone Story, which was also banned from the App Store, as an influence on his project. Though neither Apple nor Poynter have publicly discussed the reasons given for the ban, the most likely are probably rules banning "objectionable content" and content that "solely target[s] a specific race, culture, a real government or corporation, or any other real entity."

Meanwhile, Poynter plans, like Molleindustria before him, to re-release the game for Android devices, in November.

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