New iPhone Game About Foxconn Draws Attention to Worker Suicides

In a Permanent Save State is not meant to be particularly fun. It's a serious game, by artist Benjamin Poynter, following the imagined stories of Foxconn employees who committed suicide.


The conditions for workers at the Chinese factories where iPhones, iPads, and nearly all gaming consoles are made continue to stay in the headlines, with various reports of strikes and riots both bubbling up and being denied.


Like Molleindustria's Phone Story before it, In a Permanent Save State seeks to make Western audiences—gamers and device owners—think harder and more carefully about their gadgets. Where does an iPhone really come from, and what are the consequences of its creation?

These are the questions Poynter wants audiences to ask. The game is being released in tandem with an art exhibit examining the same ideas.

In A Permanent Save State [iTunes, via GamePolitics]

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The game cost .99 cents. I hope the money goes to an charity organization or a suicide group. If not, he's profiting off those deaths too.

Now that's irony.