Apple Picked Exactly The Right iOS Games Of The Year

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Apple has released its annual "Best of" list, singling out the top selling, top downloaded, top grossing and all-round top apps of 2014. For "Game of the Year" they picked perspective puzzler Monument Valley and wildly-popular number cruncher Threes for iPad and iPhone respectively. Excellent.

I called ustwo's Monument Valley "the perfect hour", and now that it's received some expansion levels it's even better than that. Asher Vollmer's Threes is responsible for more lost productivity and stories than almost any other mobile game on the site. Jason Schreier was on the verge of going pro, until he realized there was no such thing.

Both games are featured prominently in our iPad and iPhone Bests lists, with no sign of being knocked off any time soon.


So good on ya, Apple. We would have also accepted Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for iPad Game of the Year — oh, you gave it runner-up. Good enough.

For those interested in such things, here's the top paid, free and grossing iPad apps of 2014.

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Over on the iPhone Heads Up! beat out Minecraft for first place in the top paid category, the first three of the top grossing category were exactly the same, and Facebook Messenger was the most-downloaded free app, because it was pretty much mandatory.


Here's to another year of sifting through crap for gems!

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I never understood why Apple and Google both make "Top Grossing" a category for users to peruse a store. Why do consumers give a shit how much money a game makes? They want to know what's downloaded often, what's played often and what their friends are playing. Maybe what critics like, too. That's about it.

Who has ever looked at any consumer good, seen how much money it earned for the person making it and decided, "Yeah, I should also give them my money, too!" Who does that?

Is it supposed to be a loose interpretation of popularity? ("People spend a lot of money on it, it must be good.") Because if so, what the heck are 'Top Paid' and 'Top Free' supposed to be OTHER than a sign of popularity?