Maybe you've heard of 2048? The folks at Grantland have, including the popular smartphone game in a new list of media recommendations while almost entirely glossing over the fact that 2048 is a derivation of a clone of the well-liked game Threes. Well, Threes does get to be an oblique punchline at the end of the piece, … » 4/02/14 2:45pm 4/02/14 2:45pm

​'A Game You Can Play Forever'

Threes immediately captivated the people who started playing it, with folks bemoaning the lost hours and tired eyes they got in pursuit of ever-higher scores. But, over the last few days, any buzz surrounding Asher Vollmer's second mobile game has been but a whisper compared to the roaring whirlwind surrounding Flappy… » 2/14/14 7:30pm 2/14/14 7:30pm

Tips for Playing Threes, the New Mobile Game Everyone's Talking About

A bunch of us here at Kotaku are deep in thrall to Threes, a simple-on-the-surface-but-hypnotically deep numerical puzzle game that hit iOS devices last week. (Seriously, look at that picture. We're not even talking to each other.) There was talk of doing our own guide to playing Asher Vollmer's hit game but it came to … » 2/13/14 4:30pm 2/13/14 4:30pm

​What It Feels Like When You Play: Threes

Threes has become a problem for me. Last night, I was seriously torn between making sure my three-year-old ate her dinner and getting a few more rounds of the new iOS puzzle game in before bedtime. I fed her and then I went back to obsessively doing math. 'Til 2 a.m. Here's how I feel when I play Threes. » 2/10/14 6:30pm 2/10/14 6:30pm