Anyone For God Of War III Gameplay Footage?

God of War III has been at GDC in playable form. But with rules. People could see the game, but weren't allowed to film it. Silly rules. This is the internet!

Somebody has filmed some God of War III gameplay footage, and done us all a favour by uploading it to YouTube. Excuse the shaky cam, but wobby viewpoint aside, what do you think?

[thanks Rich!]

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This is probably one of my top peevs about people who when they see or are shown early/alpha/beta/whatever footage of a game that isn't finished or released yet, they start bitching about "the graphics are crap", "the animations are crap", "the a.i is crap" etc.

Now, you dont have to work in the business or be a genius to know that a game thats STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, things wont be 100% or completely polished right?

Then we have footage of games taken by people on shakey cam, which usually means they've filmed the game somewhere there not supposed to like a private viewing for devs/publishers/v.i.p's to show off some new tech for their game.

Games Developers Conference is such a place, even though we usually get leaked footage of games its not a place devs go to show off new titles to the general public.

So knowing all of this...why do some of you people judge these videos so harsly when the product you get(should you decided to buy it)will be nothing like it???

That really pisses me off. It's like being shown early footage of a successor to a Gallardo but complaining that it only reaches speeds of 80mph and comes in purple!