Antonio Brown Is Madden 19's Cover Star

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I am entirely indifferent to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but boy does that gold cover look hot.


I’m serious, it’s a great cover! We not only get to see All-Pro WR Brown’s face (previous covers have used photos where the player is wearing their helmet), but the stark background is a nice, bright change for a major sports game, which for 20 years have usually used some variation of “blurry crowd shot” (or in Madden’s case a mixture of that and plain white) in the background.

We should have seen this announcement coming, since Brown was already part of the Madden 19 hype cycle courtesy of his fancy new cleats.

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I like his happy smiley face and everything, its nice when football gets a little less self-serious.

But god damnit, where’s Big Dick Nick?! What a story he was. How I would have loved to see his doofus face on Madden, in defiance of everything cool and charismatic you’d want in a video game cover.