You guys got opinions - put 'em to use. A researcher at the University of Maryland wants to hear from gamers on subjects like culturally significant games, how they should be preserved, emulation and others.

Looking through the survey the researcher, Rachel Donahue, seems to be interested in what qualifies a game for being significance, and preferences regarding emulation vs. original console play. Some questions are multiple choice, but others invite longer answers.

The research is conducted in conjunction with the Preserving Virtual Words Project of the Library of Congress. Preservationists are committed to storing and protecting significant works, but being such a new medium, need to build methodology for how best to do that.

At any rate, someone values your opinion and will put it to a serious use, instead of selling you crap or creating games you don't really want. If you have 10 minutes, cruise over and let our community be heard.

Surveys on Record Keeping in the Games Industry [Grand Text Auto]