Friday, Fahey dug up a screenshot of X-Men Origins: Wolverine's homage to Warcraft. A reader sent us a screengrab of another crossover marvel, one of two mentioned in the game's achievement list. Obligatory spoiler alert.


The first hidden area is understandable - Activision/Blizzard publish both Warcraft and Wolverine. Although it's not specifically invoked, and Valve hasn't, like, copyrighted cake itself, as a game meme it's definitely associated with Portal.

What do you think, one's kind of clever, but two - as achievements - was Raven just running out of stuff to fill up 1,000 gamerscore?

Thanks to J Rock for the screen. To find the cake, he says it's on the level where you're supposed to rescue Wraith. "t's at the section with the teleporter and cryo freeze controls next to each other. Move the teleporter all the way right into this room, then teleport using the pad next to you in the control room."