Another Indecent Cosplay Gives Birth to Another Internet Celebrity

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As in the past, this year's China Joy gaming expo in Shanghai saw regulations to crack down on skimpy outfits. Apparently, Li Ling either didn't get the memo or she ripped it up entirely.


Li Ling appeared at China Joy last year, but didn't make much of an impression. This year, however, she did. Finally making a name for herself, Li Ling dressed as Athena as part of the promotion for the Saint Seiya game, Legend of Saints—a game that's no stranger to ridiculous promotions. "Dressed" isn't exactly the right word, because her dress was cut so short that her undergarments were completely visible—along with pretty much everything else, leaving nothing to the imagination.

While her outfit was certainly indecent, other Chinese game companies weren't nearly as unabashedly blatant and tried to skirt around the stricter regulations in various ways. As website China Buzz points out, this year there were more male and cross-dressing booth companions on hand—which actually seems fair. If China Joy is going to use sex to sell games, it might as well appeal to a variety of different folks. Not everybody likes women!

The crackdown on skin at China Joy started after the Chinese government started to tighten regulations in 2010 on the use skin to promote video games in China. Even with more male booth companions, that battle appears to be a losing one.

These days, if you want quick and easy internet fame in China, skimpy outfits are de rigueur at trade shows, whether that is game shows, car shows, or whatever. B-grade celebs use these events as their own personal publicity stunts. And wannabes like Li Ling do, too.


ChinaJoy 2012:齐B短裙雅典娜cos引爆全场 都漏缝了(图) [YXDown NSFW via China Buzz]


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... and this makes her a "superstar"? The bar must be awfully low these days.