Another Black Panther Statue Destroyed In South Korea

Screenshot: 연합뉴스TV

This past March, a Black Panther statue was destroyed in South Korea by an inebriated passerby. Now, another statue has been wrecked, also by someone who had too much to drink.

According to Korean news reports (via tipster Sang), the statue was destroyed on April 21 at around 4:50 pm. Unlike the previous incident, which was recorded and resulted in an arrest, there was no CCTV camera near the statue.


Local police went door-to-door looking for the culprit, and the following day a 24-year-old woman called the authorities and confessed.

“I was drunk and trying to take a picture with a friend and fell down,” the woman reportedly said. “I didn’t know the statue was damaged.”

As tipster Sang points out, the statue even featured a sign that read, “This is not Vibranium. Don’t get on the statue.”

Screenshot: 연합뉴스TV

After this latest incident, the city of Busan, where both statues were located and destroyed by drunk folks, has decided not to display Black Panther effigies.


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