To: Someone, anyone!
From: Totilo
Re: Two Big Santa Differences


Just received a last minute whisper of an assignment to write a Day Note. Assignment came from Down Under from a B. Crecente, a former newspaperman who has been battling the inferior Australia-U.S. Skype pipelines all week. This far-flung adventurer has found himself indisposed, unable to write the day note.

WHAT, we may wonder, could keep B. Crecente from penning the Day's Note?

HOW, we may ask, could B. Crecente be so restrained from closing, in good fashion, the Day shift of gaming blog Kotaku?


Could it be ropes, B. Crecente tied captive in a room that is illuminated with a single dusty ceiling bulb?

Could it be piranhas, B. Crecente kept on the other side of the riverbank from his computer?

Or could it be the voodoo stabs of an angry Kotaku reader in Iceland, irked at B. Crecente for some infraction about which we will never know.

There is no answer today, December the 11th. We do not know. We know only this: B. Crecente is a blogging machine. And if something is keeping him from his Notes of the Day, it must be serious.


(Maybe he got sleepy?)

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