Animal Crossing: Wild World Tops 5 Million Sold In Japan

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We're calling it: Animal Crossing: Wild World is a hit with the Japanese. A pretty bold claim, we know, but with five million copies under its belt in Japan alone, we're feeling pretty confident.


Japanese sales tracker Media Create revealed that the Nintendo DS game is the second title for the platform to move past five million. The other is, probably unsurprisingly, New Super Mario Bros. which actually made it past the five million mark much faster. It took Animal Crossing for the DS a little over three years to do it.

In terms of revenue, if every copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World was sold at the suggested retail price of 4,800 yen, the company would have sold 24 billion yen worth of the game. That equals a lot.


Media Create Weekly Ranking [via NeoGAF]

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I was super mega addicted to this game, until i visited my family and forgot my DS. By the time i got back to my proud village of "Lesno" all my favorite people had left and the ones that remained were mighty pissed. So i left too...

Still... i love it while it lasted. Unfortunately, I cannot find a single barista that will give me a cup of coffee with a splash of pigeon milk.