Animal Crossing Players Are Playing High Stakes Musical Chairs

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are using, chairs, tree stumps, pipe flutes, in-game emotes, and text chat to set up games of musical chairs where the winner walks away with over 100k bells.


As seen over on the Animal Crossing subreddit, user Tetratera has figured out a way to play musical chairs online. Using different in-game objects that can be sat on, the Tetratera created different arenas containing different amounts of chairs.

All the players start at the biggest arena and one player stands in the middle playing the flute. When that player stops using the flute and playing music, all the other players scramble to grab a seat. This is challenging in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as anyone who as played the game will know because sometimes characters won’t always sit or interact with objects you are near. Once all the seats are filled, anyone standing has lost and the players move to a new arena, which contains fewer chairs.


Eventually, it comes down to two players and a single toilet.

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In the tournament shared on Reddit, the winning player walked away with a prize of 105k bells. It’s like high stakes poker, but with less annoying dudes in sunglasses and cuter music.

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Tetratera is looking to hold more musical chair competitions in the future and invites anyone who is interested in joining. They have even made a Discord server that folks can join to see when future musical chair events are going to happen. Who knows, you might be able to win some bells and finally pay off Tom Nook once and for all. That bastard.

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