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Social media was immediately inundated with excited posts from Animal Crossing fans who have eagerly awaited the Froggy Chair’s return. The green seat, which has appeared in every previous game in the series, became something of a meme after it wasn’t included in New Horizons. Some players even jokingly boycotted the game.


While most folks resorted to simple capslocked screaming, some were more thoughtful in their Froggy Chair celebrations.

“Froggy Chair is back in New Horizons,” wrote IntroSpecktive, who runs a Nintendo-focused YouTube channel. “All is right in the world.”


“Wait until all the new Animal Crossing players sit on the Froggy Chair for the first time,” read a cryptic series of tweets from pixel artist TAHK0. “Everybody remembers the first time they sat on a Froggy Chair.”

“It’s a Froggy Chair world,” added GameXplain’s Joey Ferris. “We’re just living in it.”

Two chairs, one green and one yellow, with smiling frog faces on their backrests.
Screenshot: Nintendo

The illustrious Froggy Chair also showed up in the announcement of Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s first paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise. Like most furniture, the Froggy Chair can be dyed different colors, though why you would want to cover up that beautiful green is beyond me.


All the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons stuff shown off today arrives on November 5, either in the final free update or as part of the paid Happy Home Paradise expansion. Check out Kotaku’s full roundup for all the details.