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Animal Crossing Fan Is Animating Every Fish And Bug In The Series, One Per Day

The wait for Animal Crossing on Switch has been interminable. In order to take the edge off, one fan has been animating one of the game’s bugs and fish every day. They’re so adorable, but sadly only make me want this game even more.


Since the announcement of its existence during a Nintendo Direct in September of 2018, there’s been no information about the upcoming Animal Crossing for Switch. Longtime fans like me are getting antsy, and one fan has found a way to harness that nervous energy, sometimes into actual ants. There are 72 bugs and 72 fish in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and this player, who goes by BlockyKong64 on Reddit and AC.Daily.Catch on Instagram, is determined to animate all of them.


BlockyKong has animated around 50 bugs and 50 fish so far. I’m in love with them, but they definitely have the unintended side effect of making me want to break out my 3DS and revisit my old town. I just want to play Animal Crossing, okay?

This fan is also finding the wait for new information pretty hard. “I just want to be able to catch a million sea bass at a rooftop party with all my friends,” BlockyKong wrote on Reddit. “Is that too much to ask for, Nintendo?” Is it, Nintendo? Is it?

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They’re all great. Except the bagworm; that one’s just creepy.