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And Then Free Realms Surpassed 2 Million Players

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A week and a half after reaching the million player mark, Sony Online Entertainment's Free Realms has gone and doubled it.


The player population of Free Realms continues to grow at a ridiculous rate, hitting the two million player milestone within a month of the game's official launch. According to SOE, the game is a big hit with its target audience, with 75% of its registrants under age 17 and 46% under 13. Female gamers are particularly taken with the title, representing a third of the population. Once again, SOE president John Smedley is beside himself with excitement.

"In less than a month, Free Realms has captivated a core player base of tween and teen gamers, while also strongly resonating with MMO gamers. We wanted to create a game to play with our families and are excited to have hit the mark with our intended audience."


SOE will be distributing a "party pack" of items so players can help the company celebrate this latest achievement. Hopefully it includes a little more Station Cash, as I could really use a ghost kitten to accompany me while I mine for silver. *sigh*