And the Winners of the First Annual Speak Up Video Game Awards Are...

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Commenter GiantBoyDetective has posted the winners of the 2011 Speakys, the unofficial video game awards of our Speak Up forum community. Now all that's left to do is vote for Game of the Year.


Most Underrated Game of the Year
Winner – Rayman Origins (Multi)
Runner-up – Ghost Trick (DS)


Best Indie Title of the Year
Winner – Bastion
Runner-up – Minecraft

Best Original Soundtrack
Winner – Skyrim (Multi)
Runner-up – Dark Souls (Multi)

Best PC Game of the Year
Winner – The Witcher 2
Runner-up – Portal 2

PSP Exclusive of the Year
Winner – Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Runner-up – Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

DS/3DS Exclusive of the Year
Winner – Pokemon Black and White
Runner-up – Super Mario 3D Land

Multi-Platform Game of the Year
Winner – Skyrim
Runner-up – Batman Arkham City

XBOX 360 Exclusive of the Year
Winner – Gears of War 3
Runner-up – Forza Motorsport 4


PS3 Exclusive of the Year
Winner – Uncharted 3
Runner-up – Infamous 2

Wii Exclusive of the Year
Winner – Skyward Sword
Runner-up – Kirby's Return to Dreamland


I'll put up the link to the GOTY poll later in the day. (Editor's Note: VOTE HERE) Any game on this list made the GOTY poll. Thanks to everyone who voted! Seriously, this turned out pretty great!

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I loved Bastion but how it can win over Minecraft is puzzling to me. Bastion is one of the best action RPGs with great audio.

Minecraft is a revolution in video gaming that has created a cultural phenomenon. About half my high school students talk about it and exchange strategies between classes— male and female. Bastion is great and all but Ive never seen such a small developer (notch/mojang) make such a big phenomenon since Angry Birds in 2009. It has 16million accounts and 4million sold, has won dozens of awards and is even being displayed at the Smithsonian.