Our Readers Create Their Own Damn Game of the Year Awards

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While high atop Kotaku Tower we sit in high-backed chairs around a marble and gold inlaid table pondering our official Game of the Year, commenter GiantBoyDetective and friends organize their very own awards, and you can help in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


Alright. So I think we should start the research for The Speakys (SpeakUps very own awards!)

I think each category should have ten games max.

Let's start with the basics.
- Best Wii Exclusive
- Best PS3 Exclusive
- Best 360 Exclusive
- Best DS/3DS Exclusive
- Best Multi-Platform Game


I'ma work on the Wii list. Anyone wanna volunteer for the others? Obviously we can fine tune these lists as we go. Any takers?

Editor's Note: Figured you guys could use an official place to organize.

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Best PC exclusive: Witcher 2 BAM! done.