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And The Winner Is.........

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Our Alone in the Dark contest has drawn to a close. And we have a winner, and that winner is Scott S.! Scott was the eleventh person to send in his answers correctly. From the contest post:

After you answer it remember to send all five questions with all five correct answers (and links) to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. You also need to put "Here's Hoping I'm 11th" in the subject line. You *must* do this, exactly as written here, with quotes for your entry to count. Make sure you just read this carefully! And remember, you don't want to be first, you want to be eleventh.


There was even added bold text just to make sure people would actually read the post! But people didn't. Lots of people didn't — instead, they sent along the right answers and links, but put things like "Alone Contest" in the email subject line or forgot the quotes for "Here's Hoping I'm 11th." Scott S. was the eleventh person to do it correctly, but probably like the 50th person to send an email. (The folks who didn't follow the instructions were disqualified as mentioned in the post.) Hit the jump for the answers and links, which I embedded.

Answer 1: Okami sushi (Note: This post is also acceptable for an answer. Scott S. sent both.)

Answer 2: "A game of chess is like a sword fight."

Answer 3: Waffle House

Answer 4: Carefully

Answer 5: "Tyler Stay Scared George Romero"



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@sbrumm1983: Man, I was gonna ask for that.