And Now ... the 'NEStickle'

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Reader Osama D's French friend built him this fighting stick out of a Nintendo Entertainment System, before leaving for his home country for good. You know, when I say goodbye to folks, I usually just buy a card or something.


Osama calls it The NEStickle (not to be confused with the NES emulator) because, well, why not. It's not like FightDeck or TurboConsole's gonna make this look any less weird. The NES controller houses the stick's USB cable, and it's compatible with all consoles and PC.

Osama says Nicolas, his friend, had to carve a reinforced interior from wood "using nothing but his laser vision. This insures that I don't over-zealously cave the NES in while pressing hard on those buttons when I'm losing badly to a cheap-ass who won't stop throwing me."

You can see more pics of the NEStickle and its construction over at the link.

Introducing the NEStickle! [Towards Mecca]


This is for lefties only. Also, It's been done before. #oddities