And Here's NBA 2K11 In 3D

Those who dug out their 3D glasses for the last post, my attempt to show you Madden's 3D mode fell flat. Here to save the day is Operation Sports' MessenjahMatt, with a 3D presentation of Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11.


This re-enacts Jordan's no look, back-to-the-basket, over-the-head layup against the Knicks (in game, it's not a Jordan Challenge cutscene.) It's not the high definition 3D mode that NBA 2K11 will begin shipping to Best Buy on Nov. 16 (and which will be available free to everyone via download in January).

NBA 2K11 in 3D [Operation Sports]

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I was totally traumatized when Knicks' best world champion chances (STARKS! OAKLEY! Dribbling KING Anthony MASON!)

Little did I think that Pacers' Reggie Miller and Jordan were like pythons destroying the holy egg that is a rare Knicks championships.


I hate MJ to this day, no offense to his legendary skills. I hate him. Sorry.