Aside from the half-armored Anakin in the Clone Wars animated series, this is the hottest Anakin by far—and considering we’ve only got the buzz cut with a rat-tail Anakin and the burnt Anakin, I will take whatever the hell I can get.


Though it’s not clear just yet what else the next Fortnite x Star Wars crossover will entail, the Republic cruisers hovering over Anakin’s head in the teaser image may hint at some more galactic goodies to come on May 2. Anakin joins a rather hefty Star Wars roster in the battle royale: There’s Din Djarin from The Mandalorian; Kylo Ren and Rey from the sequel trilogy; Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Lea Organa from the original trilogy; Boba Fett; Darth Vader; Fennec Shand; and more.

It’s unknown if the Star Wars celebrations in Epic’s battle royale will offer a chance to buy any of the many vaulted skins like last year, but I don’t need any of those old skins if I can get my male wife Anakin. I’m good, I’m set.

Last year’s “Skywalker Week” unvaulted Junk Rifts, as well, projectiles which, when thrown, would open up a rift and send Luke’s X-34 Landspeeder Glider down to crush your enemies. There were also appropriately themed quests that allowed players to make faster headway along the battle pass, and achance to fight Darth Vader himself in Greasy Grove. I’d imagine this year’s celebration will include some similar gameplay additions—though I will add that I’d love to see an Ahsoka skin ahead of the upcoming Disney Plus series.

The last time Epic pulled me into Fortnite with the promise of a pretty skin was when Ariana Grande and her Piggy Smalls Back Bling dropped in, so it’s no surprise that the handsome visage of Hayden Christensen would draw me back like a moth to a smoldering body on the banks of a lava river—er, flame.