An Insanely Twisted Coming Out Party at PAX

First discussed in 2007 and under development since last year, indie shooter/puzzle game Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will have its coming-out party at PAX East this weekend, and it looks damn good.

Fuelcell Games published these four screenshots today touting the game, which the public may see - and play for the first time - at Microsoft's booth during the festival in Boston from Friday to Sunday. The Xbox 360 booth is No. 850 for those attending.


Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will be published later this year to Xbox Live Arcade. A news release today from Fuelcell described the game as "set in a unique, rich and insanely twisted world, blending exploration, intense shooter action, and puzzle-solving with gorgeous visuals, and rich story telling in a Hollywood quality presentation." See for yourself in the screens above. You may get a look at its trailer here.


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