An Endless Runner That's Great For Blowing Off Steam

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Sometimes life throws a pack of mummies and raging bulls at you, and the only thing to do is run like heck. I Hate Running Backwards is an endless runner that mixes close call dodges with loud weaponry. As the screen fills with enemies and explosions, it gets harder and harder to run away. It’s a furious race for safety and a great way to blow off some steam.

Created by Binx Interactive, I Hate Running Backwards mixes roguelike and infinite runner sensibilities to create random levels for players to dash and blast through. The result is a hectic game that’s great for short bursts. There’s a ton of joy in zoning out and seeing how far you can run.

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Like Spartan Fist, this is a good game if you’re in the mood to rage. Switching to your shotgun and blasting massive barfs of bullets is a great stress reliever. The random weapons and ability upgrades offer just enough of a tweak to make each run interesting and distinct from the last. Experimenting with new items is one of the best things about any roguelike, and I Hate Running Backwards’ upgrades always lead to dramatic results. You summon robot drones to lend a hand and pick up lasers that feel lifted from 1960’s sci-fi novels.

It’s mindless stuff, but there’s a lot of charm. Video game tough guy Serious Sam is among the selectable characters, and he’s a good fit. The action has a silly tone straight out of an over-enthusiastic 90’s shoot ‘em up like Smash TV. I Hate Running Backwards isn’t a deep game—playing the first handful of minutes gives a sense of the next dozen hours. You run and shoot, and you just keep on going. But sometimes, that’s all you need. 

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“And Endless Runner That’s Great for Blowing Off Steam

Oh, so it’s only available on GoG? :D

I’ll show myself out.