An Eloquent Rap That Explains Why Downloadable Content Sucks

We're no stranger to Dan Bull's rapping skills. He's covered some of the most popular games with his clever lyrics, but he now turns to a popular issue amongst the gaming community.

Downloadable content has been met with a lot of hostility in the past. But no one has summed up the situation so elegantly as Dan Bull has in his most recent rap video, seen above.

What's particularly fun about this video is that Dan Bull collaborated with Boogie, who you may know more commonly as his Internet persona Francis. The result is a well-written proclamation against the practice of DLC, where Dan Bull says that, "It wouldn't be conscientious encouraging dodgy ventures."


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Al Roderick

This is how it breaks down for me: If they make a game, finish the features they want to include, then send it off for extensive testing and balancing before it ships, that's a good thing. Then, if the underused members of the team need something to do while that part is happening, they can make a DLC pack. If that DLC pack is done before the game is in stores, then I understand why it's not on the disc.

Any situation other than that, I call serious BS.