Ghidoragh is the name of a New Zealand band who just put out their first EP, called Threat Level Ultra. It's fantastic. Not just because it's inspired by video games, and has a badass Roger Dean-inspired cover art reminiscent of old Psygnosis art, but because they skipped releasing it on vinyl or CD and are selling it on...3.5 inch floppy disk.


OK, so they're also selling it digitally, but the tangible box set is the one you'd want, as it goes the extra mile in trying to be an old 80s PC game, even down to including a box and "manual".

If you're wondering why I've been blindly scouring Bandcamp looking for video game tribute acts, truth is, I haven't. This is actually a project by some guys from Kiwi special effects house WETA, including Greg "Dr Grordbort" Broadmore and Christian Pearce, who was one of the main designers behind the look of Elysium.

You can check out the digital version of the EP here, while the box set will cost you NZD$45.


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