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An Advanced Class in How to be a Giant Dickbag in Halo: Reach

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I'm not above a good multiplayer betrayal every now and then. I use my color-blindness as an excuse the way a good forum troll uses Asperger's or agoraphobia. But this guy, UnstoppableLuck, takes it to the next level.

If you see that Gamertag in your party, I'd advise leaving. Otherwise the one guy with no kills on your team is going to be killing you. And he'll bring help, as you see from about two minutes on. This was allegedly compiled over an hour session last Saturday.


"If you want to help me betray on xbl add me my Gamer tag is UnstoppableLuck. help me get the best reactions thats what i want. Must have mic and play halo reach i will remove you if you don't play halo reach when i'm not online. So pretty much i only want people that only play halo reach."

Naturally, we don't get the enjoyment of seeing him kicked. But after a reprisal killing-by-Warthog at 0:37 he takes revenge by kicking that guy out. Such an injustice.


Remember, his Xbox Live Gamertag is UnstoppableLuck. It's one word, UnstoppableLuck. That's UnstoppableLuck, with an uppercased L. Yeah.

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