Among Us Will Soon Let You Report People For Being Assholes

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Purple being toxic? Red using hacks? Among Us developer InnerSloth says players will have new tools for punishing these impure souls come December when the game gets a new account system.


“[Accounts] will allow players to report accounts that are toxic and/or hacking,” the developer wrote in its latest unofficial roadmap on Monday. “They may be a bit barebones at first but things like friendslists will also come at a later date after launch.”

Among Us, a party game about lies, murder, and mob rule aboard space stations, has had a ton of issues with cheating since it exploded in popularity thanks in part to streaming on Twitch by big names that include US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Some of the hacks are pranks like advertising YouTube channels or Trump’s re-election campaign. Others let people communicate secretly with one another or provide god-like powers to kill rivals on command.

In the past, InnerSloth has tried to tackle these issues with big server-side updates, but those fixes have also introduced new bugs. Going forward, the studio plans to take a more cautious approach. “There will be more server updates to fix all of this, but rushing anti-hacks is what caused the bugs, so cleaning things up is a slower process,” the studio wrote. “Also rest assured that any threats made in the game are false and your devices and data are safe. If you see a hacker, ban them or find a different room.”

Other changes to the game are also currently in the works. This week’s patch rolled out a new colorblind mode to make the game more accessible; for example, the wire-matching mini-game now includes symbols in addition to colors. InnerSloth is also working to translate the game into more languages and launch a brand new map with a new layout and space station tasks for players to master. It will apparently be inspired by Henry Stickmin, a Newgrounds animation series that began in the late 2000s.

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It’s good that they’re trying to put in the effort, but it’s really difficult for me to imagine how to make this game work smoothly with randos or people you don’t trust to not ruin the fun.